Moving Tips

Organization is key for a smooth move into your new location.
  1. Color coding or marking items with designated destinations makes for a faster move!
  2. Know all of your items that are moving. Making lists is a helpful way not to forget anything such as outdoor furniture or items in your attic/basement/shed.
  3. Organize and understand how your items will fit into your new space before the unload.

Utilize boxes and moving supplies.​​
  1. Box small and similar items together for a hassle free move. Moving small items separately increases move time and is less efficient.
  2. Use packaging materials to safely secure your items. We can provide supplies and do this for you for any special items. We recommend packaging kitchenware and similar item yourself to save time!
  3. Use wardrobe boxes or bags for clothing.

Don't stress!

  1. We are here to help you in all of your moving needs. No need to stress, we will take care of things for you and keep all of your items safe!